Detection—It’s in our DNA

At ESCORT, we’ve designed a premium driving experience through patented advanced detection technology. Using our ESCORT Live mobile app, we’ve connected millions of verified drivers generating real-time shared alerts.

40+ Years of Industry Leading Performance

ESCORT is the 2019 Autoweek Reader’s Choice Top Pick for Best Radar Detector Brand.

“We know we have car culture’s most knowledgeable readers...” said Rory Carroll, publisher of Autoweek. “Performance says it all. It works every time, all the time.”

Drive Smarter

The new ESCORT M1 dash cam seamlessly integrates with your ESCORT radar system. View, edit, and share videos directly from your smartphone. Crystal clear HD video, collision detection, continuous loop technology, and the convenient ESCORT M1 app.

ESCORT Community

We’ve designed the most accurate driver alert system in the world.  Paired with the power of ESCORT Live, you have the ultimate in driver protection. Our exclusive driving community allows drivers to share and receive real-time alerts through the app or when any ESCORT detector senses a threat.

Trade In Program

Stay up to date with the latest in ESCORT driving technology. We’ll buy back your old detector and give you credit towards your new one.

Limited Ticket Guarantee

Building award-winning radar detectors means building confidence. So much confidence that we’ll pay your radar or laser speeding ticket. *Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee only applicable to Max360c/Max 360/Escort IX/Redline EX/iXc.

Price Match Promise

All our customers deserve to enjoy our technology with the confidence that they received the best price. Find a better advertised price online for any current ESCORT portable premium model radar and we’ll match it within 30 days of purchase.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all orders $299 and up. We want you to focus on the road, not how much you’re paying to get your detector.