ESCORT Limitless Range

Experience Superior Performance And Limitless Range


Radar detectors allow you to drive safely and avoid costly tickets by detecting signals emitted from speed enforcement equipment. The bottom line is, the further away from the source that you can detect an alert, the more time you have to react. This is why detection range is the most important feature of a radar detector. Longer detector range results in more advanced warning.

However, long range is not without its pitfalls. Highly sensitive detectors can also pick up signals from false sources, such as automatic doors, cell towers, or Collision Avoidance Systems. Without advanced technology to filter out these false alerts, detectors can be annoying.

That is why Range and Accuracy are important together. ESCORT has incorporated cutting edge digital signal processing (DSP) into our Max series for maximum range with minimal false alerts.

But what if you could detect radar/laser signals far beyond the detection area of a traditional detector? What if your detector talked to other detectors to pinpoint the location of enforcement all across the world? ESCORT has made this a reality with ESCORT LiveTM. Our community of over 3 million drivers are constantly sharing alerts with each other automatically and in real-time. This technology turns ESCORT detectors’ already impressive performance into a true game changer with limitless range.  


The most common complaint radar detector users have about standard detectors is that "it is too noisy" or "it beeps too much". When you get an alert, you depend on it to be accurate. ESCORT detectors utilize two key features to make sure they’re not crying wolf.

ESCORT’s patented AutoLearn® feature saves the location and frequency of false signals and locks them out the next time you drive by. The more you drive, the smarter your detector becomes, only alerting to valid signals coming from speed enforcement equipment.

The age of autonomous vehicles is upon us. With it, comes an array of new technologies that present a challenge for radar detectors. Many of the new In-Vehicle Technologies (IVT), such as Collision Avoidance Systems and Blind Spot Warnings, emit signals that appear to detectors to be almost identical to speed enforcement equipment. ESCORT’s IVT Filter™ quickly and reliably analyzes these radar signatures to weed out false signals. To make sure that your detector is always on top of its game, we release free periodic firmware updates that account for the latest new tech.

With Limitless Range and Accuracy working together, you can drive confidently with the freedom of knowing that you own the road.


Radar detectors are legal in 49 states for passenger vehicles. The only exceptions are Virginia and the District of Columbia.


Everything is better when you work together. We pride ourselves on making the best detectors in the world, but no single detector can equal the power of the ESCORT Live community. Connecting to ESCORT Live enables automatic real-time sharing/receiving of radar and laser alerts. When you approach an area where another user has recently detected a signal we use GPS to give you plenty of advanced warning. If you see enforcement activity that your detector isn’t sensing, no problem. Just use the app to mark “Cop Spotted” and the next person who drives by will know to slow down. On top of that, ESCORT Live adds alerts from the Defender Database, our premier verified database of speed and red-light camera locations.

There is strength in numbers, and ESCORT Live has over 3 Million Users on the road today. We have full nationwide coverage of users reporting and sharing in real-time. You may see claims that some radar detectors have "better range" than ESCORT products, but a single unit will never approach ESCORT's comprehensive coverage when combined with the ESCORT Live community. That’s why we are always America's #1 rated radar detector brand.


ESCORT products use patented technology to eliminate false alerts and connect products to the cloud & community.



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