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ESCORT fans love the premium performance our industry-leading driver alert technology delivers. From our all-new MAX 3 with premium range and advanced filtering to the new technical standard Redline 360c with extreme range and triple-antenna design, you’ll be able to find the driver alert system for your needs. Explore and shop the holiday gifts ideas below!

REDefine the Road:
Redline 360c

For those who demand the best, the Redline 360c delivers high-end performance. Designed for extreme detection range with a triple-antenna design, a powerful processor for rapid response, and TotalShield™ steal technology are just some of the advanced features that make this driver alert system the new technical standard of excellence.

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Drive with a Sixth Sense: MAX 360c

Gear Patrol says they “don’t drive anywhere without the Escort MAX 360c radar detector” because it feels like you’re gaining a sixth sense to reveal the road ahead. The MAX 360c comes equipped with front and rear antennas to give you true 360° directional awareness as well as built-in WiFi to get automatic updates and shared alerts from the Escort driver network.

Level Up Your Road Game: MAX 3

The MAX 3 levels up your driving game as the next evolution in connected driver alert systems. It makes higher-end detection technology and premium features easily attainable with premium range, advanced false alert filtering, and auto-learning intelligence to continuously learn and remember to silence false signals.

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